Picking the Right Wedding Band in Chicago


The key to having a good wedding reception is to have a good band around for entertainment. Picking the right wedding band in Chicago may be challenging at first because there are so many of them to choose from. Despite the vast selection though, there are some steps you can take to find the best wedding band Chicago offers for your specific needs. Here are some tips to help you find the band you want

Consider the Wedding Theme
While it is possible for a Chicago wedding band to adapt to any style of music, most of them have one or two niches that they fit into. It might be inappropriate for you to have an 80's pop band for your Victorian themed wedding. In the same respect, you might get some odd stares if you hire "Wilbert's Waltz Wimsies" for your "night in Vegas" wedding. Think about the theme of your event and try to find a band that will fit into that.

Ask for Music or Video Samples
You wouldn't hire a band for a record deal without hearing them play, right? How else will you know if you like the singer's voice or the overall combination of instruments? Ask for a sample CD or video of the band playing so you can determine if you like their sound. Every Chicago wedding band has to offer is a little different, so feel free to sample a range of them before making your selection, especially if you never seen them perform at a Wedding or any event.

Check the Band's Song Selection
Most Chicago wedding bands have a selection of songs that they know and can play really well. If you look over the list and like what you see, you know you've found a potentially good band for your wedding. Of course, you still need to confirm that with the samples mentioned above, but at least this will tell you if they play your kind of music. If you have a special song you know you want played, let the band know in advance so they have time to learn it. They should be able to accommodate you. With the right wedding band like Chicago's very own Timing is Everything, you are guaranteed to have a reception people will enjoy and remember for years to come. Consider the type of music you want to hear on your big day and find a band that can provide all that and more. You'll be singing your way to a honeymoon in no time.